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Welcome to the
Fear of Flying Clinic

Are you afraid to fly? If so, you are not alone. Fear of flying is pervasive—and widely unaddressed. Experts estimate that it afflicts between 20-30% of the population, and so disruptively that 1 in 8 Americans deliberately avoids flying altogether.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We know you really do want to learn how to face your fears about flying and travel by air with less anxiety and more confidence.

That is where FOFC comes in to help. We're here to support you as you push past anxiety, panic, and dread—into relief and empowerment. If your fear of flying is holding you back from the life you want to lead, know that help is available. Your fear is real and important and it deserves your attention.


Additionally, as we have learned from the thousands of people we have helped over the years, your fear doesn't have to be isolating. Shedding the stigma of being a fearful flyer is an essential first step. Fear of flying affects all ages, all backgrounds, and all levels of flying experience.


Be reassured that you are not alone. FOFC provides a supportive community of which you are one of many who have been struggling with similar anxieties, shared fears and relatable set-backs. We are here to listen, educate, support and help you move forward with a strategy and plan that makes the skies a truly more friendly place to fly.

Our Mission and
Our Programs

FOFC's mission is to inform you about all aspects of flight, and replace your fears with solid aviation facts, utilizing a two-pronged approach: education plus behavioral change.

The Fear of Flying Clinic was the very first clinic of its kind in the U.S. and has been setting the benchmark for a high-quality, compassionate, fact-based approach. Since our beginning in 1976, FOFC has helped thousands of fearful fliers conquer an often debilitating phobia—redirecting them toward self-agency, facts, relief. In hands-on workshops and clinics, we provide tested tools and techniques to help clients address their specific fears. Our approach is tailored and factually rigorous.

I can't believe that I now make plans to go places I I had shut completely out of my life before. It's wonderful. Thanks for helping me open up the world again. — Margo


All the skills and knowledge I acquired from the Clinic really helped me. I feel better about myself and have already benefited professionally as a result of being able to fly again.  — Nelson

Thank you so much for the amazing experience at the Fear of Flying Clinic! I learned so much from all of you and I can't thank you enough for all the support you provided during the clinic. I expected my anxiety to be 'cured' before the clinic, I see now that is not a realistic outcome, but I feel like I am in a much better position to identify and replace my irrational beliefs. Thank you all for giving me the tools and confidence to do so!" — Mica


We have had two successful workshops and look forward to many more in 2024! We will be posting the calendar of classes for the new year as soon as possible.

The Clinic has given me something absolutely invaluable, which has touched other areas of my life: the courage to face a fear, the knowledge that 'I can!' It has given me the physical freedom which has broadened all my horizons. Thank you! — Danielle


I'm happy to report that the flight was a success!  I was anxious during takeoff, but it lasted less than a minute or two. The breathing exercises really helped. The rest of the flight was uneventful for me and I even was able to get up and walk about the cabin a few times. You have no idea how big this is for me. I'm not cured by any stretch, but me and my wife are eternally grateful. I got my freedom back again and it's all thanks to you and the program.  —Rich

Every client who takes one of our classes reports in their post class evaluation that our program helped them face their fear of flying in some way. Even if they don't take the graduation flight, they credit what they learn from FOFC as supporting their progress.

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