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Ways To Get Involved With FOFC

On our FOFC evaluation forms handed out at the conclusion of every class, we ask clients if they would like to volunteer for FOFC. Many graciously say “yes!” and we are so thankful for their support! Here are some specific ways you can give back to FOFC:

  • Consider making a donation to help offset the cost for others through our scholarship program 

  • Be an ambassador of FOFCs work by helping to spread the word; post on your social media, or simply refer family and friends

  • Keep in touch with the clinic by sending us an email update or a postcard of your latest travel adventure

  • Consider joining the Board of Directors

  • Become a volunteer: add your name to the on-call list for our moderator, client speaker, or graduation flight support person roles


For more information about those roles, click HERE

If interested in volunteering, please email A board member will get in touch with you as soon possible. Keep in mind that the time around class offerings is busy, so it might take a couple extra days.

Many thanks for your interest in volunteering for FOFC. Our operations would not be sustainable without

your generous donations of time and financial contributions. Thank you for being a part of our community.

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