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We Need Volunteers


For a small non-profit fulfilling the need of a somewhat niche public service, it is most definitely a fact that our mere existence would not be possible without the support of our volunteers. They provide their time, their skills and their passion to help make this organization the success that it is. The various opportunities for service with the Clinic are:

Please consider joining our team to help us continue to fulfill our mission.

A major component of any non-profit organization is it’s board of directors. A group of people who are responsible for the operation and oversight of the non-profit. Specific board experience is preferred but not required. Other requirements, however, are:

  • The ability to meet roughly six times a year for a two-hour board meeting

  • Living somewhere in the greater Bay Area, or the ability to commute in for meetings and FOFC clinics and workshops

  • Make a commitment to serve at least a two-year term

  • Understanding and support FOFC’s mission


A key tenant of our program offerings is education about aviation operation and safety. We provide this by having career aviation experts as guest speakers to present to clients and answer their questions. We can provide an outline of talking points if the speaker wants one. Speakers from the following aviation careers include:

  • Pilots

  • Flight Attendants

  • Air Route Controllers

  • Airline Maintenance Specialists

  • Air Traffic Controllers


The second key component of our program is teaching clients that what they are thinking about flying is determining how they are feeling about flying. Requirements for FOFC therapists are the following:

  • Professionally licensed to practice therapy

  • Have the time to work at several FOFC program offerings a year

  • Understanding and support FOFC’s mission



The moderator role is a partner to the therapist at every FOFC program event. They help lead the class by setting up the meeting room, introducing guest speakers, making sure the timeline of the agenda is being followed, and answering specific client questions as they are able. Requirements for moderators are as follows:

  • Be able to speak in front of large groups

  • Ability to problem solve on the spot

  • Be able to listen and not have judgment

  • Be available to serve a few program classes a year

  • Be able to go on graduation flights and support current clients

  • Understand and support FOFC’s mission



What helps make every class more successful is when a graduate of the Clinic can speak to new clients. It is important that they hear from someone who has felt similar things as they are, and has worked through the process to become a less-anxious flyer. Requirements for graduate speakers are:

  • Be able to come to a class at SFO at 9 a.m. on a Saturday to give a brief testimony of their experience of what brought them to the FOFC and how they faced their own fears

  • Comfort speaking in front of large groups is beneficial, but not required

  • Understanding and support FOFC’s mission



Occasionally, Clinic enrollment can be so large for one session that we need a graduation flight support person to assist the therapist and the moderator with the group. Requirements for the graduation flight support person are:

  • Be able to serve a full Sunday at least a couple of times a year

  • Be able to fly comfortably and support clients

  • Understand and support FOFC’s mission

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these areas for the Fear of Flying Clinic,
please email and a board member will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks for considering volunteering for the Clinic, and much appreciation to all
those who have served, both past and present.

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