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Follin Key, Ph.D


Follin is a licensed clinical psychologist who works at Kaiser Permanente. She has specialized in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety disorders for almost 20 years because early on she witnessed the extraordinary effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in opening choices for individuals whose worlds have been shrunk by anxiety-related avoidance. A great deal of evidence exists supporting CBT as the best treatment for anxiety; in her clinical work Follin has helped people learn and apply these principles, and has seen how much change occurs in their lives when they find the courage to approach and overcome their fears. She also loves to travel, so helping people overcome flying phobias is particularly meaningful. She is excited to bring her expertise to the Fear of Flying Clinic and to support clients in challenging the thoughts that generate fears, and in proving to themselves that they are stronger than their anxiety.


Lance Shoemaker


Lance Shoemaker, J.D., is an instructor at West Valley College and a 2016 graduate of the Clinic. As someone who loves to travel overseas every year, Lance's fear of flying was a severe impairment and held him back from certain travel opportunities. After being sick and tired of being tense and nauseous on flights due to unnecessary nervousness, Lance decided to reach out to the Clinic. Since finishing the Clinic, Lance has become much more comfortable flying on planes and is grateful to the Clinic for changing his understanding and attitude about flying.


Irfan Siddiqui


Irfan Siddiqui is an office manager for a Cardiology clinic in San Jose, California additionally our newest Board member. Irfan attended our Clinic after many Amtrak trips.  Somehow, somewhere Irfan developed a fear of flying and stopped flying since 1998. He made every excuse not to fly and took trains or just decided against going. But, after attending the Clinic in 2017 October and taking the graduation flight to Seattle he gained the confidence and was ready to fly again and encourage all the upcoming members of FOFC to fly and support them in any way he can.


Justine Tideman, Psy.D


Justine is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco, CA. She is a big supporter of the Fear of Flying Clinic because of it's friendly staff, use of proven therapeutic techniques, and successful outcomes. Justine specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her private practice.  She enjoys helping people to change the way they think, so they can change the way they feel, and do the things that previously seemed impossible.  As a member of the Fear of Flying Clinic, she is particularly drawn to the opportunity to witness the transformation as Clinic attendees leave behind old fears and embrace new ways of coping that allow them to live the life they truly want - and to literally fly.

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Jody Yarborough


Jody is a proud graduate of the Clinic and the FOFC Chairwoman. Nothing less than "transformed" by her experience in the Clinic, Jody now volunteers with the FOFC year-round, sharing her personal experience and leadership skills to FOFC's operations, hopefully helping as many people's lives as possible. "I love it when people make the decision to change their life. To see people then have the courage to do the hard work that needs to be done to achieve success is so rewarding."


Paula Zimmerman, MFT


Paula is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Burlingame, California. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety in her work with the Fear of Flying Clinic. Through her 25 years providing cognitive behavioral therapy for the FOFC, she has developed an unparalleled understanding of the emotional complexities and real-life complications specific to flying phobias. She finds immense fulfillment in watching our clients succeed—often surprising themselves with their progress! Our counselor oversees the course's CBT elements, but is present for all components of the clinic. On our Graduation Flight, she is an on-board essential support, working closely with our clients to help them draw upon an arsenal of new coping tools and self-reliance. Paula's end goal is unwavering: to empower our fliers to alleviate their own anxieties, and to re-learn flight as a comfortable experience.

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Jeffrey Berry


Jeff Berry is a First Officer with United Airlines. He started flying in high school and studied aeronautics in college at St. Louis University. His aviation career progressed through the civilian ranks, and he joined United Airlines in 1999. He’s flown the B-737, A-320 and is currently flying the B-757/767. From 2003-2006 he was furloughed from United, so he took that time to earn his law degree and worked in the healthcare industry. He started volunteering for the Fear of Flying Clinic about two years ago, and in addition to sharing his knowledge and love of flight from a pilot’s perspective, he has also traveled extensively as a passenger. He feels this gives him a good perspective of what the experience is on the other side of the cockpit door.


Mark Connell

Pilot, RET.

Mark is a retired commercial airline pilot for United Airlines. He has volunteered with the Clinic for more than a decade. He is one of several trusted commercial airline pilots who work with the FOFC to present clients with information on the principles of aviation, the built-in safety rigors of commercial flight, and to address any and all questions asked by course attendees. He is based in San Jose, with his wife, Andrea, who is also pilot and volunteer for the clinic. When they aren't flying, they enjoy spending time with their two grown children.


Karen Stahl


Karen has been a United Airlines pilot since 1995 and is currently a Captain on the Boeing 757 and 767. In 1986 she started taking flying lessons locally at Reid Hillview airport in San Jose, California and was a flight instructor and commuter/regional pilot before getting hired by United Airlines. Karen loves being involved with FOFC and especially enjoys helping fearful fliers by presenting factual information about aerodynamics, aircraft maintenance, pilots, pilot training, weather, as well as some surprising and little known facts about turbulence.  Karen has a super supportive, aviation enthusiast husband, Fred, who used to be a fearful flier. Now Fred enjoys traveling the world with Karen and their 3 kids!


Daniel Stellini


A native of Colorado, Daniel earned a Masters in Music Education from UNC-Chapel Hill and began his professional life as a High School Band Director. After three wonderful years of teaching, he put down the conducting baton in pursuit of his other dream of becoming an airline pilot. Daniel built flight time and experience flying medical specimens for analysis, ferrying general aviation aircraft across the country, and flight instructing. Following a year of teaching international students to fly, Daniel worked his way to Captain on the Embraer 175 at Compass Airlines, and in 2019, he became a First Officer at United Airlines flying the Airbus A320. Currently, he flies the Boeing 777 for United around the globe.

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