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Other Fear of Flying Organizations

Many people from across the United States contact the FOFC office wondering if there is a resource closer to where they live.


The following is a listing of organizations that appear to still be active. FOFC is not affiliated with any of these organizations and as such cannot vouch for their operational procedures or efficacy.


Fear of Flying Clinic: Seattle, WA

Flying Phobia Help: Houston, TX

My Sky Program: Minneapolis, MN

The Take-Off Program: Columbus, OH

Anxiety and Stress: Towson, MD

Fear of Flying Program: Alexandria, VA

The Anxiety and Phobia Program: White Plains, NY

Behavioral Associates: New York, NY

Cleared for Takeoff: Tempe. AZ

Fear of Flying Doctor: New Berlin, WI

Flying Phobia Help: Texas and Louisiana

Neuro Behavioral Institute: Coral Gables, FL

Also, for those living in the Bay Area, there is another resource that might be helpful for you. Hiller Aviation Museum is a great place to learn about the aviation industry.

Hiller Aviation Museum
601 Skyway Rd.
San Carlos, CA 94070

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